TechNet Virtual Lab: Microsoft Intune - Configure Mobile Application Management (MAM) Without Enrolling Devices
What you’ll learn in this lab
This lab is the fourth in a series of 7 labs that explore the Enterprise Mobility Suite and the mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities of Microsoft Intune. IMPORTANT: In order to complete this lab, you must have completed the first and second labs in the series: Lab 1: Acquire Trial Accounts for Intune Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Lab Series and Lab 2: Microsoft Intune – Configure Conditional Access to Exchange Online. Using the mobile application management policies in Microsoft Intune, IT administrators can manage applications and corporate data on users' devices without requiring those devices to enroll in mobile device management. With this model, users do not have to give up control over many aspects of their devices in order to gain access to corporate resources. Furthermore, this functionality can work in combination both with Intune and third-party mobile application management solutions. In this lab, you will use the new Azure portal to configure mobile application management policies for iOS and Android devices that are not enrolled in Intune. You will then install the managed app, OneDrive, on these devices and test some of their security features. For example, you will try to open some of the files using an unmanaged app and, on the Android device, attempt to take a screen capture of the files. You will also explore the multi-identity capabilities of the managed app that allows you to use both personal and corporate data in the same app, but keep these data separate from each other. After you complete this lab, you may proceed to either Lab 5 or Lab 6 of this series.
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