TechNet Virtual Lab: Microsoft Intune - Deploy MSI Applications to Windows 10 Using Intune and Mobile Device Management (MDM)
What you’ll learn in this lab
This lab is the sixth in a series of 7 labs that explore the Enterprise Mobility Suite and the mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities of Microsoft Intune. IMPORTANT: In order to complete this lab, you must have completed the first and second labs in the series: Lab 1: Acquire Trial Accounts for Intune Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Lab Series and Lab 2: Microsoft Intune – Configure Conditional Access to Exchange Online. Among the benefits of using Microsoft Intune is the ability to deploy applications to managed devices, such as PCs, phones, and tablets. Until recently, it was possible to deploy only .xap. .appx, .appxbundle file types to managed mobile devices, including Windows 10 devices that were enrolled in mobile device management. It is now possible to deploy Windows Installer (*.msi) file types to Windows 10 devices that are enrolled in and managed by Intune. In this lab, you will learn how to upload an .msi file to the Intune catalog and deploy it to a targeted Intune group. You will enroll a Windows 10 device and verify that the .msi file is installed on the managed Windows 10 device. After you complete this lab, you may proceed to the remaining labs in this series that you have not completed.
What are Virtual Labs? TechNet Virtual Labs enable you to experience a software product or technology using a cloud based private virtual machine environment. You will be presented with a series of instructions, and access to one or more virtual machines, with no additional software or setup required.